Water bikes

Production of swimming facilities, LLC "VICOTEX" CERTIFIED Shipping Register of Ukraine. Pedal Boat "DOLPHIN-2000" has CERTIFICATE issued by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Water 4-seater bike (gidroped) "Dolphin-2000" is designed for use in closed water bodies, as well as in the coastal zone at a wave height of not more than 0.2 m "Dolphin-2000" is driven by the traditional "pedal" thrust, but can be converted by the electric motor (sm.video!).

The hull and deck are made of waterproof gidropeda fiberglass.

Decorative coating - gelcoat and polyester resin, fiberglass, give the product color and luster, as well as provide the necessary protection against UV radiation and external temperature fluctuations.

Buoyancy is provided gidropeda foam blocks, located between the deck and hull. Crankshaft, paddle wheel, steering pivot elements, control arm and all fasteners are made of stainless steel.


Basic parameters Pedal Boat

Parameter  Value
Length 2,35 m
Width  1,58 m
Height 0,46 m
Weight 83 kg
Capacity 363 kg
Price 1260 евро